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Best friend.. surya

March 31, 2013

i met him in the first semester at chemistry class. he was answering all the questions that were thrown by chemistry madam.. i thought he is very intelligent and i thought its not easy to be as his friend.. but the next moment we talked each other and yeah we became friends.. i never we would become so clode friends as we are now.. from past 3 and half years he is with me in every aspects and support me in every manner.. we quarrel much of the time for silly things but the next moment we start teasing each other and with great abuses ;-). once we had a quarrel.. its just coz  i support sachin T and he supports ms dhoni.. it went for almost 1 hour.. i end up the conversation by throwing the record book which i was writing and he showed the same anger by hurting his hands.. Hw silly.!! and so called other friends were recording that..! 

we are placed in different companies. we may not able to work together. but i  always respect u and ur all silly things anf ur innocent nature and selfishness nature. may god bless with all u deserve and wish.. 🙂 

love u le harama, blacky, sooori. 🙂



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